Focus on the Family

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Men’s Ministry
Our mission is to stimulate, strengthen and support the natural and spiritual growth of brothers. The Men’s Ministry of New Birth Church of God In Christ consists of men seeking God’s guidance and wisdom as we become the fathers, husbands, brothers, uncles, mentors, community leaders – THE MAN that God has ordained. We support our Pastor by praying and undergirding of the vision of our leader. Some of the groups/activities within the Men’s ministry includes the Deacon Board, chaired by Deacon Isaac Ellis, the Male Chorale, and our Men fellowship outings all provide avenues and opportunities not only to serve the New Birth Church and God’s people but also fellowship among the brothering. Proverbs 27:17 states As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. We the Men’s ministry of New Birth Church of God In Christ invite you to join us as we, by always demonstrating God’s divine love and power, help each other by strengthening our brothers (Luke 22:32).

Women’s Ministry
As God has ordained our natural family to have a Father and Mother in the home, so has He placed order into our spiritual family. Under the direction of our church Mother, Missionary TiShawn Mitchell, the Women’s Ministry of the New Birth Church of God in Christ has accepted the charge to enhance the vision that God has placed into our Pastor’s hands. The Women’s Ministries endeavors to enrich the spiritual development of God’s people and help to build the Kingdom of God. Our ultimate goal is to be empowered through spiritual disciplines; therefore the following ministries are offered to facilitate this goal.

YWCC (Young Womens’ Christian Council)
This ministries primary purpose is to train women for their responsibilities for every facet of the women’s work, both in the church and in the home, as outlined in the handbook of the Women’s Department of the Church of God In Christ, Inc. and with the Mission of the International Christian Women’s Council. It is within this forum that women are challenged to strive for excellence with Godliness and where all are taught the imperative of integrity in word and deed in every area of their lives. Training Sessions -The Y.W.C.C. holds several sessions during the year, which focus on issues pertinent to the lives of today’s young women both in and outside of the church. From church protocol, preparing for and assuming church positions; supporting church programs; working effectively with others and also with church leadership to health and marital and parental issues, the topics are up-to-date and informative. Both in-house and invited presenters have provided materials, thoughts and of much interest to the ladies. This Ministry have provided practical materials and thoughts of wisdom  benefiting all.

Annual Women’s Retreat
Our annual Retreat is a highly anticipated and attended event held on the 2nd week-end of September each year. Chicago area hotels and the beautiful resorts of Wisconsin have previously  been previous hosting sites for the ladies. This Conference includes casual meetings, in-house and invited guest speakers on God given topics and themes, as well as dining, relaxation, boat cruises, tours, shopping and personal fellowship and fun.

Book Club
Under the guidance and leadership of Sister Merle Essex, pre-read titles are suggested to the members to read and meet together for discussion and sharing of thoughts of these works. Books are selected, re-read and offered for our learning and better understanding of scripture and bible times personalities and an interviewing views of the working of the Holy Ghost, not only in the lives of others but more personally in our own lives.

The Single’s Ministry
This ministry is select and purposed exclusively for those single young women of the church to encourage, prepare and specifically to celebrate their present state of singleness and focused dedication to the Lord. The Single’s Annual Conference is planned by Sister Serina Jenkins along with her proficient staff, and features a morning of learning and sharing among New Birth members and other invited speakers, psalmists and guests. We believe along with the unadulterated teaching of God’s Word, the above mentioned ministries has benefitted us in the opportunity to possess:
Accountability in our relationships, Engagement in opportunities to Serve, Most importantly the Unity that God desires for us with one another

Youth Ministries
God has always blessed the New Birth Church of God In Christ family with a bright and energetic group of young people. The Youth Ministries of New Birth Church is actively pursuing to train and develop the NOW Generation in the fear and respect of God. Some of the programs designed to positively impact our youth includes a vibrant Youth Church, Sunshine Band, Youth Choir, Purity Class, the Joshua Group, Dance before the Throne Ministry and the Mighty Warriors of Praise Mine team. The Youth Ministries of the New Birth Church are led by a group of dedicated, anointed individuals which comprise of the Youth Counsel. The Youth Ministries of New Birth Church is geared for children of all ages!!

The aim of the Purity Class is to help keep in focus the true values of good morals, high standards of living, Christian virtue and to discourage all forms of vile behavior that violates true Christian virtue. The Purity Class is made up with young ladies ranging from the ages of 12 -17. The Purity Class follows the curriculum of the International Purity Class of the Church of God In Christ. The Puritans participates in monthly sessions as well as outings and other social activities. Sister Jasmine Payton leads this group.

Couples Ministry
New Birth Church of God In Christ understands the importance of the family structure. The God given programs are designed to strengthen the family unit. We understand that the God ordained family structure consist of one husband (male) and one wife (female) within the household. This ministry leads the couples of the ministry in time of relaxing fellowship and excursions to strengthen this bond.

Mom’s  Inn
The YWCC also sponsors it’s own “Mom’s Inn Restaurant” which opens to all but  only on Mother’s Day.  It is fully staffed with not only the Cooks and it’s own “Grillmaster Chef”, but with young people working as waitresses. waiters, busboys, and clean-up crews, as well.  Five delicious  entrees are offered, orders and  reservations are submitted and then handled by our very special Maitre’ D , Pastor Willard Payton.  Fun is had by all and Moms really enjoy their  “Special Day”.