Missionary Gloria Payton

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 Missionary Gloria L. Payton is the First Lady of the New Birth Church Of God In Christ where her husband, Administrative Assistant Willard L. Payton is Pastor. She is a licensed Missionary and has served in numerous positions in her local church, currently

• Adm. Asst. to her Church Mother,
• President and Counselor of the Young Women’s Christian Council:
• Sunday School teacher of the Young Women’s class and
• Board Member of the New Birth Community Care Corporation, Inc.

Sis. Payton serves as the Assistant District Missionary of the Johnie B. Wheeler Memorial District and heads the Oversight Committee of New Generation, 1st Jurisdiction, Illinois under the leadership of State Supervisor Charlotte Eades. She also has served in the position of Vice- President of the President’s Wives for a number of years in the International Youth Department of the Church of God in Christ.

Sis. Payton is grateful for and cherishes her husband, Elder Willard Payton and celebrates the 47 & counting years of marriage, God has allowed them to share. Together they are examples of the fact that, when the Lord leads and guides and is placed first in the marriage, it really Works! The Lord has blessed then with 8 beautiful children, 26 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren and a faithful church full of sons and daughters. Sis. Payton is owner and operator of the Efficient Tax Preparation Service, serving the tax needs of individuals, pastors and businesses for the last 29 years.

Eternally grateful to the Lord, Missionary Payton has been saved and filled with the Holy Ghost since March of 1968 and is most pleased in knowing that she is truly loved by God and has been given the graceful opportunity of devoting her life to and for bringing Him Glory, Honor and Praise!