Spiritual Enrichment Ministries

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Ministerial Staff – consists of the Elders, Ministers, Missionaries and Deacons of New Birth Church of God In Christ with the function to serve and assist the Pastor in the ecclesiastical and worship experiences of the ministry. Our Pastor leads this group in monthly sessions of impartation, learning and development. As servants of the church,the ministerial staff assists the Pastor in the celebration of the ordinances of the church as well as evangelistic outreach of the ministry. Prison, hospital, sick and shut-in visitations as well as soul winning strategies are developed by the leading of the Lord and implemented under the guidance of our Pastor.

Music Ministry – Under the leadership of Sister Serina Jenkins, the Music Ministry of the New Birth Church of God In Christ mission is to lift up Jesus Christ through song. We serve as worship leaders in preparing each heart to be receptive to the preached or taught Word of God. Some of the arms of the Music Ministry includes NBC Adult Choir, NBC Youth Choir, NBC Men’s Chorale and the NBC Praise and Worship Team. The New Birth Church Music Department ministers in quarterly concerts, an annual summer Praise Fest and revival services. It is our endeavor to minister with a level of excellence and anointing that brings glory and honor to God.

Spiritual Development Ministries – New Birth Church of God In Christ is a ministry that endeavors to develop believers by studying the Word of God. II Tim 2:15 states Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. Our Pastor leads us into an in-depth study of the Word of the Lord on a weekly basis to assist us in growing into the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This ministry is anchored by the Sunday School Department and its Superintendent, Sister Dorothy Evans. The youth are encouraged to participate in its own educational track within Sunday School led by its Superintendent, Evangelist Erma Houston. The Sunday School department is staffed with qualified teachers who study the word of God and then lead their classes by engaging students to actively participate in the studying of God’s Word.

On Tuesday and Friday nights, our Pastor leads the ministry in bible study. Students comes eager to learn and by challenged in our thinking and understanding of God’s Word by our teacher and integrate the lessons learned into our daily lives and our walk with God.

Ministries of Helps- Upon arrival at New Birth Church of God In Christ, you will be greeted by a Saint of God with the spirit of excellence prepared to warmly welcome you into the ministry. The Gate Keepers (Ushers), Greeters and Nurses units of New Birth Church of God In Christ are trained to assist the people of the Lord as well as to keep the order during the services. We are dedicated to our ministry and perform our mission in the Spirit of Love. Sisters Annie Lucas and Yvonne Johnson led these dedicated group of saints.